“What defines Heywood’s photography is his natural understanding of space. Negative and positive, shape and shadow, balance and composition, they all fit together beautifully within the frame of his work. His personality is always prevalent as well. Even if only subtle there is always a sense of fun or recklessness or something hairy and energetic in the moments he captures. He’s the rock and roll space lord and I believe he’s bringing something completely original to the table at a time when photography has never been more competitive or accessible.”

-Vaughn Blakey, editor Surfing World

Ryan Heywood is an Australian photographer who currently lives in Byron Bay. Heywood got his first camera and began taking photographs while attending high school on the Central Coast of NSW. Since then Heywood has continued to shoot photographs as the mainstay of his artistic expression.

Much of Ryan’s work depicts life in and around the ocean with images centring on surfing and the characters and lifestyle that ensue. His imagery reeks of discovery, immediacy and innocence all tinged with a droplet of menace. Ryan puts a bit of himself into every shot.

Having worked in many facets of the industry, as a graphic artist, art director, illustrator, cinematographer and in marketing, Heywood’s point of view and ability to solve problems creatively for clients has made him a go-to man. Across the board, Heywood’s invaluable experience has helped fine-tune his creative vision without sacrifice to the raw energy his photographs radiate.

Clients, both editorial and commercial, look to Heywood to bring their product and identity together in a fresh, free-spirited way that catches eyes and inspires trends. “Ryan’s bel esprit is contagious. He combines childhood wonder with a dedication to perfection that is too rare in this world,” says Carlisle Rogers, publisher of 4WD Touring Australia.

People willingly put themselves in the way of Ryan’s lens simply because he makes pictures that are memorable. To be photographed by Ryan, is a statement in itself. To quote Stephanie Gilmore, “Ryan has a great talent for catching his subject in the most beautiful and natural of moments. He is a true creative and has an incredible eye for fine detail. He is easy to work with, funny and comfortable to be around.”

Heywood is represented by Nouvelle Vague in Venice Beach, California. His solo shows include: Board Games Small Frames at China Heights Gallery, Sydney (2006), Sleeptalking at The Surf Gallery, Laguna Beach, California (2008) and Procasual at Nine Lives Gallery, Brisbane (2010).

His photographs have been featured in numerous publications around the globe. Amongst others his clients include Quiksilver, Roxy, DC Shoe Co., Rip Curl, Hurley, RVCA, LJ Hooker and Meriton.

Ryan Heywood is 32 years old.